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An overview of translation tools and language support available on Dozuki.

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Can guides be viewed in multiple languages?

Hello, we are a manufacturer with facilities in multiple countries. We'd like to have one Dozuki site for all of our plants to use so we can standardize our processes. We are interested in knowing how Dozuki handles content in multiple languages. Thank you.

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In addition to the machine translation option detailed in the previous answer, we now support the guide translation feature. Once a guide is authored it can be translated to any language we support.

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Using the guide translation feature allows you to specify how each term is translated—giving you more control and accuracy over the machine translation feature. Detailed information about our guide translation feature can be found in our help documentation.

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Hi Tim,

We’ve got a few options for supporting multiple languages.

The most efficient option is to use our machine translation tool with the built-in glossary. This option allows you to author the document in English and then your users can choose the language they would like to view the guide in. We use Google translate so the accuracy is not 100%. To improve the accuracy of translations you can add terms to your glossary and specify how those terms should be translated for the languages you choose to support. You can try this feature out on our demo site. This option is a great fit for manufacturing clients who operate facilities in multiple countries because they only have to create the work instructions in one language and don’t have to use a translator every time they release a new version.

We also have the ability to lock a site into any language on this list - We can add more languages too! Each one of your facilities could have their own Dozuki site set to the local language and the content would be specific to that facility.

The third option is a yet-to-be-completed project that will allow you to create a guide in any language. This project will be completed sometime this fall. With this functionality you’ll be able to have a master version of a guide which can be human translated to any language you require. So when your users in the Mexico facility pull up work instruction A123 it will automatically display the Spanish version of the work instruction (if you’ve created a Spanish version and their default browser locale is Spanish). The value of this feature is that all media assets will be tied to a single master version—If you update an image in the English version that change is automatically pushed out to all language versions.

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Do you have an update on the third option you mentioned and how this would work? Does this option allow for the export of the source content and import of translated content, or is it restricted to translation within the Dozuki system?

I am interested in finding a way to export content in XML format, localise it externally and then import a localised XML file back into Dozuki. Does the solution you mention allow for this and would it still flag a localisation requirement if the source content was updated?


Hi Bethany, our guide translation feature doesn't support the importing of translated content. We've built a first-class translation interface to help our customers translate their content directly within Dozuki—and do it more efficiently than the traditional export and import workflow. If you're hiring external translators and don't want them to have access to your Dozuki site you should contact us directly and we'd be happy to work with you to find an acceptable solution.

Thank you!


Thanks for clarifying Brian! Another quick question - is the Glossary tool restricted to use alongside machine translation or is it also available for translators working directly within Dozuki?


The glossary tool is designed to work only with our machine translation feature and can't be used with our guide translation feature. Let me know if I'm not understanding your question. Thanks!


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